Your Inner Voice Can Heal You

Writer and Journalist Merav Harel from Tel Aviv was bulimic at age 17 and a half. This brought her to a weakened state in which she contracted no less than 7 different ailments including; asthma, manic-depression, low thyroid function, migraines and a shattered disc.

For years she was physically abused by her father who would beat her and torment her until she was 18. Deep inside she knew that a healthy soul will mean a healthy body and since she wanted to cure herself of all her ailments she’d have to spend time learning her soul. “I believe and know that sickness is an expression of emotional stress”, she tells the Yediot Acharonot newspaper in an interview in which she claims that she successfully cured herself of her ailments. “Every ailment has its own pathology but it has also has an emotional root. The ailment is the soul shouting in its language. Our soul tries to tell us a story about itself through aliments.”

11 years ago Merav found herself taking an impossible amount of pills daily for all her ailments and that’s when she heard her inner voice. “An inner voice that wouldn’t let up told me: “it can’t be that you’re taking so many pills at such a young age.” She then decided: “I can’t walk around with an entire pharmacy in my handbag” and set out to do something about it.

She began emotional therapies which brought her to understand the emotional source of all her ailments and started doing work internally on her soul. “I freed all my emotional baggage, all the anger and frustrations I had for years.”  At the same time she stopped taking her medication (not recommended for anyone unless the doctor confirms it). When she next met her doctor he was astounded. “I don’t know what you did but you no longer have asthma,” said the doctor to her. “Ailments break out when we become distant from ourselves and from whom we truly are”, says Merav as a totally healthy woman raising 4 happy children and leading a successful career. “Therefore in our treatment we must remember who we truly are and do the work there.”

In Merav’s opinion Western medicine with all its advances still has its limitations. “Only through knowing the limitations can we heal ourselves, says Merav. “Modern medicine knows how to prescribe medications but you don’t get healed that way. That’s why we have so many chronic illnesses in our society. Today I’m a happy and balanced young woman and I haven’t even gotten flu in a few years. I’m naturally optimistic and positive by nature even when I was deeply in pain and depressed. Today I take no pills and I don’t suffer at all from anything.”

As part of Merav’s spiritual journey into herself, she helps other patients go through the process she went through and even wrote books on the topic. Her 1st book ‘A Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body’ is a guide to self-healing and her new book coming out now talks about the emotional  assistance people can give themselves. Merav insists that this is not her own doing, rather she sees herself as the conduit through which she can help other people help themselves. “I don’t heal people, I just help them believe in themselves and teach them to listen to their inner voice that knows in which direction to guide us. To really become healthy it’s important to feel good about ourselves and empower ourselves.”


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