The Rules of the Game

When I was a boy we went once in Jerusalem to a house of mirrors. It was dark with some light in it and walls of mirrors all over the place. We’d walk right… boom we’d bang our heads. Left… boom again we banged our heads. Some people really got some nice bruises on their heads or faces from bumping into the mirrors. But you know what? Everyone was still laughing! Why were they laughing? Because they knew the rules of the game beforehand; they expected to bump into mirrors until they got out of the maze.

So what happens when you’re in town and someone bumps into you ever so slightly by accident? How dare he do that; why isn’t he careful? You might even let him have it for being careless and not looking where he was going! You’re going to show him who’s in charge in your game and those are your rules that he violated.

But you know what? Life has its rules and invariably you will bump into someone or collide with his wishes and you may want to lash out. But if you realize that this is the rule in life you won’t take it hard because you’re expecting it. You know a collision is inevitable so just get on with life. The rules are you’re going to get bumped… so just laugh with it. That’s why we came into the world; in order to deal with and face these challenges. If we face them with the right attitude knowing the ‘rules of the game’ we’ll find our anguish at these collisions disappears and we will find success in our lives.

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