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Ammunition Hill Terrorist’s Daughter: “My Father is a Great Man”

After terrorist 39-year-old Mousabah Abu Sabih from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan killed two Jews and injured another 5, he was murdered himself.

But dying after carrying out a terrorist attack has no deterrence for him and other religious Muslims like him. To the contrary, his death was celebrated by everyone in the Muslim community and will doubtlessly inspire others to follow in his footsteps.
First among those taking pride in his murderous act was Abu Sabih's daughter.

“We're very happy and proud of our father,” she can be heard and seen on a video recording. “My father is a great man. Our relationship, as father and daughter, was excellent.” No mourning at losing her father at such a young age for this gal.

Despite the terrorist having had ties to Hamas, the Fatah party was quick to announce a day of mourning in memory of him.
In the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, candy and baklava was distributed to people on the street. Those handing out the sweets were the terrorist's own family members who own a sweetshop in the Old City of Jerusalem.  

The Gaza Strip was in celebration mode. Hamas-affiliated media venerated the terrorist, and Hamas itself put out a video report chronicling his life.

One of Hamas's spokespeople, Fawzi Barhoum, praised what he called “a heroic action” and Hamas published a statement recognizing the terrorist as one of its members and “a symbol of the city,” who “gave his life today for the al-Aqsa mosque and the city of al-Quds.”

This latest terrorist attack is another mark of failure for the government who has not curbed the anti-Jewish violence. The terrorist had a long record of aggravated battery, illegal military training and setting vehicles on fire, as well as radical Islamic activity.

How was he allowed to walk around and perpetrate a terrorist attack when he got in the mood? And if there are so many Muslims thirsty for Jewish blood and rejoicing at every dead Jew, why does Israel allow them to live comfortably in their midst instead of deporting them?


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