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Bennett: “We’re Giving Security to a Half Million People in Yesha”

Bennett met with Religious Zionist Rabbis to update them on the Regulation Law for Yesha. “We’ve achieved something great and historic, something unprecedented since the beginning of national settlement. In one swoop 500,000 people of Yesha will become residents (instead of settlers) when this law passes. This impacts on the ability to build, receive mortgages, add on and renovate and most important, that hundreds of “Peace Now” lawsuits in the Supreme Court will fall away.”

Bennett regretfully says, “as far as Amona is concerned I see no scenario where they won’t need to move between 7 to 100 meters from where they are presently.  The goal is not Amona rather it’s the whole settlement enterprise. In the merit of 40 amazing families and our determined battle, we’ve reached this watershed moment.”

“We’ve taken into account that the Supreme Court may try to disqualify the law and we’ve built a parallel security net which will guarantee 90% of the items included in the law without actually having to pass the law. So if, G-d forbid the law doesn’t pass, this historical change will happen regardless. The State legal advisor is opposed to the law but he supports the security net we’ve created,” says Bennett.

“There’s a concept called “Market Rules” which says  that if someone innocently built on land and later found out there are claims of ownership to the land, you don’t need to vacate rather you compensate the owner . This same market rule will apply in Yesha,” explains Bennett.”This will save thousands of homes and give security to 500,000 people in Yesha. (Unfortunately it won't apply in Amona).

Bennett says” I don’t foresee a violent opposition to the Amona relocation. I hope it won’t be violent for these are excellent people, but I can understand their pain.Seeing your house destroyed is not easy. These  amazing people were the catalysts to this historical achievement and I am convinced that what we are doing now is the best thing for Israel and for the settlement enterprise. Any other path will jeopardize the future of the settlement enterprise.”   


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