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Cyber-Attack on Israel: Is Israel Ready?

A couple of weeks ago, a massive cyber-attack was against the company Dyn, which brought down websites and apps across the internet, temporarily barring access to Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and more for millions of users on the East Coast of the United States. While Dyn was able to stabilize the situation within a few hours, a second attack began in the early afternoon, again disrupting services across the web.
State Comptroller Yosef Shapira released a report Tuesday which claimed that Israel is not prepared to handle a massive cyber-attack. According to Shapira, Israel's increased usage and reliance on electronic devices has led it to an increased vulnerability to a cyber-attack. While Israel has certainly fortified critical state infrastructures against cyber-warfare, private sector organizations – with their dependency on on computerized systems are especially vulnerable.
Shapira also strongly suggested that a coordinating body be formed between the various government bodies which currently operate within Israeli's cybershere in order to streamline the various aspects (legal, budgetary, technological, etc.) of their operations.
The comptroller also noted the interference of hackers in the US presidential election as an example.


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