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Future Ambassador David Friedman Prefers Living in Jerusalem

The United States has an Ambasador’s Residence in Herzliya for its ambassadors to Israel. But future U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman decided not to live there. Rather he stated that he intends to “work and live in Jerusalem.” Friedman, an Orthodox Jew who owns a spacious apartment in the Talbiyeh neighborhood of Jerusalem, visits there several times per year.

Friedman’s appointment as ambassador is expected to be approved by the Senate, and Friedman will arrive in Israel at the end of February. Regardless of the decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem Friedman expressed his intention to live in Jerusalem.

The Foreign Ministry claims that Trump's is serious about his intention to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump wants to prove he is serious about fulfilling his campaign promises. However, Jerusalem itself has decided not to take an active role in the American decision, as it is something internal for the Americans to decide. It cannot be perceived that Israel is pressuring the American government to make the controversial move, so Israel is waiting to see what happens.


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