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Did G-d Send Us a Message from the California Fires?

Both Jews and Christians were shocked this week from what was found in a California forest that was totally burned down. Well almost totally… before the fire there was a Jewish Summer camp in this forest called Camp Newman in the Bay area.

There was destruction in the camp from the forest fire but the structure holding prayer books and tallitot was undisturbed. But hiking up to where a large wooden Jewish Star of David was made and placed, people were astounded to find it was not at all burned though it was surrounded by burned trees. Camp Director Ruben Arquilevich says that campers would come to this site and all shout “I love being Jewish” in a special get together every summer. Well if they love being Jewish they must love G-d and G-d left a sign that he loves them by sparing that star.

Perhaps this is a message from G-d a repeat of the ‘burning bush’ that Moses saw that didn’t get burned. The commentators say that means that Jews may be persecuted for their being Jewish but they won’t get consumed just like the burning bush wasn’t consumed. This is G-d’s message to us; a message of Jewish survival.


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