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Family Yearns to Build Synagogue in Memory of Fallen Son

The family of Sergeant Oren Noah from Mitzpeh Hoshaya in the Galil has started a Headstart crowdfunding campaign to raise funding to build a synagogue in his honor. Oren, a Golani squad commander, died together with six of his men when a missile hit their APC during operation Protective Edge.

The family has so far raised 68,000 of the necessary 400,000 shekels. His mother Chava Noah, says, “The Jewish people are wonderful, but you've got to help us. It's not enough to 'like' our page online, people need to go in and support us financially. We need to reach the target sum within 33 days.”

Many of Oren's friends are helping in this project. Oren was a popular person who had many friends, religious and secular, young and old. His friends have set up a Facebook and memorial page that's been active for two years.

The name of the synagogue was picked by his sister Aluma to be Simchat Oren – ‘The happiness of Oren'. The synagogue will be used for daily prayers, Torah classes and community events.


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