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The ‘Beast’ Has Landed in Israel

Next week President Trump is visiting Israel and will be traveling around the country in his heavily armored presidential limousine called ‘the beast’.
30 C-17 cargo planes from the US have already landed in Israel carrying hundreds of tons of equipment, people and cars all for the president’s visit next week. ‘The Beast’ is but one of 56 cars that were airlifted to Israel. There are also 3 truckloads of armored glass that came and are being installed in the hotel suite President Trump will be staying in during his visit.

The president will be coming with a staff of 1,000 people, some of which are already here and will fly on the ‘Air Force One’ plane.

Here are some of the security measures put into ‘the beast’ which is a totally new presidential limousine; not the same one Obama used. ‘The beast’ is also called Cadillac 1 (what a boring name-‘the beast is a much better name!). It is sealed against a chemical or biological attack, it has armor piercing bullet proof windows and an extra 20 millimeters of steel plate armor inside the doors, a steel plate under the car against a bomb planted in the ground under it and it also has tear gas cannons. It has day and night vision cameras, weapons, an oxygen supply and bottles of blood of Trump’s blood type in the event of getting shot at. The gas tank is armored and cased in foam to prevent explosion. The tire hubs are steel and can be ridden on even if the tires are blown out.

We hope the President will never need any of these measures and will enjoy his trip to Israel,or anywhere else he decided to visit.         


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