Creator and created

How to deal with a child who refuses to go to school?

Laws of House Dedication and Moving into a New Home

I want to repent


Difficult to recite Psalms

What is the correct way to teach children discipline?

(Non) Question of Theft



Learning Shorshei Hashaimot

prayer for rain in times of draught

How to educate a child not to be jealous of his brother?

Should we wait until the guests arrive to have our Shabbat meal?



Organ donation according to the Torah

Does tradition validate Islam?

Can one who desecrates Shabbat be given an aliya l’Torah in the synagogue?

Do Men and Women have separate roles?

Difference between a ganav and a gazlan

Facebook Use

If people were punished for their sins in the Holocaust, then are the Nazis guiltless?

Won’t my acts become Hypocrisy once I study; I’m worse off if I know and don’t do than if I simply stay ignorant.

belief in the sages

Murder in the Har Nof synagogue?

Divine protection outside of Israel


English Translation


Problematic Hospitality

What is koreit, excision?

Concentrating on G-d’s Name

Free Choice G-d Know’s the Future Paradox

Should I agree to my wife?

Martians and Aliens what does the Torah say about them?

My 17-year-old sister smokes. Should I tell?

A two year old boy who calls his parents by their first names

Why Believing is So Hard? How to increase your faith.


Which is correct: Evolution or Creation?

Can I Use Social Media for Kiruv?

Reciting the Shema to babies

How can we gain awareness of G-d?

Education - smoking

Do deceased parents suffer for their children's sins?

When one suffers distress, is it a decree from heaven?

Can one measure blood pressure on Shabbat?

Is there free will or is a person programmed?

How can I accept my husband’s daughters?

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