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Fire Investigators Confirm: Nataf Burned by Arson

The fires in Nataf last week were confirmed to be caused by arson. Investigators found that the blaze was caused by a “Molotov Cocktail” thrown from the fence of the Arab village of Katane into the wooded area next to it according to Moshe Eliezri, the local fire department chief.  The strong winds and dryness facilitated the quick spread of the fire to the nearby Jewish communities Nataf, Maaleh HaHamisha and Mevo Horon.
In a short time Nataf was engulfed in flames which burned down forests, nature reserves and buildings including the Nataf restaurant. Firefighters battled the flames and open a route of escape for Nataf residents who were initially surrounded by flames. The community was safely evacuated but there is extensive property damage.
Fires in Beit Meir also in the Jerusalem corridor are being investigated along with the fires all over Israel. No findings have yet been publicized about Beit Meir though it is suspected that the fires there were also caused by arson.  

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