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Former Miss Israel Donates a Torah Scroll to a Synagogue

During Passover a Torah Scroll was given by Mor Maman former Miss Israel of 2014, to K’Ayal Ta'arog in Har Choma in an honorable and festive ceremony.

Rabbi Ayal Amrami the head of the institution spoke of her great mitzvah: “Our Father in Heaven is very proud of you. Giving a Torah Scroll is an important mitzvah that not many people merit to do. In the past few months you also merited sanctifying G-d’s name with your process of coming and strengthening your relationship with our father in heaven.”

Bat Mitzvah

These past few months Mor participated in Rabbi Amrami’s Torah lectures. Mor shared her thoughts about coming closer to G-d in a post: “I keep Shabbat and I attend a Torah lecture 3 times a week at a synagogue. I once sat outside the synagogue and I couldn’t stop crying. I felt, enough! I was disgusted with this world of falsehood. How much could I buy already? How can I be so empty? How much can you go out for a good time? How long can you spend with people who care only about what you did or what they did? When I talk about it I recall how much pain I was in.”

“The Creator watches over me, protects me and for the past 6 months accompanies me in my Teshuva and shows me how to be a good person. I started becoming religious because I felt I had everything in this life yet I had nothing. Now after 6 months I feel true happiness that doesn’t depend on anything external.”


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