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“I Merited Visiting the Western Wall, I Feel Blessed”

In an interview with Fox& Friends, Ivanka Trump talks of how moving her visit to the Western Wall was. “It was a special moment. I was so moved that I have no words to describe it. The moment that my family and I are standing in front of the Wall is something indescribable and I feel blessed.”

“My father is trying very much to take care of our war veterans and discharged soldiers… the rumors about tension in the White House staff are not true we all work together and we’re very focused on the important mission of taking care of our citizens… I must admit I was surprised at the evil and cruelty of the media” Ivanka said in the Interview.

She added: “My father feels very justified after James Comey’s words in the senate last week.” James Comey accused Trump of pressuring him to stop his investigation into Russia’s involvement in the US elections.

Addressing the group of photographers always accompanying her around Washington D.C. she said she tries to slip away from them. “I always look to go out of different places to get away from the photographers. But my children are very happy here in Washington so it’s really fine.”

Ivanka also talked about her husband Jared Kushner who is considered one of Washington’s most powerful people. “My husband really loves his work. You saw the results he brought from the visit in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome. He works very hard to be successful,” says Ivanka.  


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