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In Crackdown, Israeli Army Raids Gun-Making Workshops

IDF soldiers confiscated weapons caches and closed down gun manufacturing workshops in three cities in the West Bank early this morning, in an ongoing crackdown on illegal arms and gun running.

During the Jenin raid, two gun manufacturing workshops were shut down, pistols with magazines, ammunition and gun components were seized, and five people were arrested. In Dahariya, a gunsmithery was shuttered.

An alleged Hamas member who was found to possess an illegal Carlo-style submachine gun was arrested in Surif, west of the Etzion bloc.
This follows a series of raids on gun manufacturing workshops in Hebron and Bethlehem which occurred in the previous months.

A senior IDF officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, explained that eradicating the gun production facilities would increase the cost of guns, making them less obtainable for more people. 

“We don’t want those guns to be cheap so that anyone who wants one can buy one for $265,” he said. “In the Sarona attacks, the two attackers paid more for the suits they wore than for the guns they used.” In that shooting, four people died after two terrorists opened fire in a Tel Aviv restaurant.


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