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Israel Destroyed Iranian Weapons Meant for Hezbollah

This early morning (Thusday) at 3:30 a huge Iranian ammunition storage area exploded. The weapons were slated for delivery to Hezbollah, according to Reuters quoting Syrian rebel sources. The Hezbollah affiliated Al-Manar network also blamed the explosion on Israel.   
Syrian opposition groups and the Syrian Human Rights Group based in London who reported the explosions in Arab media quoted the Russian Sputnik News who reported that Israel carried out what appears to be 5 different attacks.

A whole string of explosions rocked the Syrian International Airport area in Damascus which is Iran’s destination for airlifted weapons to the pro-Iranian militias including Hezbollah which operate in Syria.

The explosion which took place at 3:30 am was neither confirmed nor denied by Israel who had no comment on the matter. The extent of the explosion’s damage also is not known at this time.

Military Journalist Ron Ben Yishai from Ynet explains that this was probably a game changing weapon delivery from Iran. Assuming Israel did carry out the attack, it did so because 3 red lines were crossed with this weapon delivery; Preventing accurate quality weapons from getting to Hezbollah, preventing Hezbollah from increasing its non-conventional weapon strength, and preventing harm on Israel’s sovereignty.

This week in a press conference, a senior IDF officer did discuss Israel’s attack in Syria earlier this week. “The target of the attack was 100 missiles on their way to Hezbollah. Some were destroyed and some reached Hezbollah”, he said.   

A different senior officer recently told reporters that Iran lost its hegemony in Syria; it was replaced by a Russian hegemony. He described the new developments in Syria in which Assad’s confidence is growing with his regaining control of territories in the western part of his country. This confidence enabled him to fire anti-aircraft shells at Israeli planes in his failed attempt to stop Israel from destroying weapons deliveries meant for Hezbollah. The officer said , Israel’s policy of destroying and preventing advance weapon deliveries to Hezbollah will continue despite the anti-aircraft incident.


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