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Israel Retaliates Against Syria for Firing into It

The Israeli Air Force attacked a number of targets in Syria north of the Israeli Golan Heights including 2 tanks that shot into Israel. The attack occurred after the shelling from the aforementioned tanks and other mortar fire landed in Israel making a total of 10 shells landing in Israel. Thank G-d these shells that landed in Israel from the Syrians battling the rebel forces near the Israeli border caused no harm to people or property. The IDF issued orders to farmers in the Quneitra area not to stay in open areas.

The shells fell north of Quneitra near the border fence. As of now there are no special instructions for the area residents just not to congregate near the border fence.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated: “we have no intention of ignoring these breaches of our sovereignty and harming our security. Even if this is only a spillover from the war in Syria we will respond with force, determination and levelheadedness to any similar event just as we’ve done in the past. Assad’s Regime is responsible for what happens in his territory and he will continue to suffer the consequences if these events repeat themselves.”

The IDF spokesman said that “they see these events as very serious and won’t tolerate any breach of Israel’s sovereignty or the security of its citizens”.  

Salafists and Islamists opened fire against the Syrian regime forces into the al-Baath region. These rebel forces are being led by a terror organization with ties to Al Qaeda called Jibhat A Nusra. This attack was together with other rebel forces and threatens to lessen the territory under control of Assad’s regime in this strategic area leading to Damascus.

Assad’s recklessness allowing shells to fall into Israel is due to the fact he is trying to recapture Daraa from the rebels. Daraa is the key to controlling Southeast Syria because it’s on the Jordanian border where most of the rebel’s supplies come through. This town was actually the place where the rebellion against Assad’s regime began 6 years ago.

Generally speaking, the Syrian army tries not to let shells stray into Israel for it knows Israel’s position on the matter and the swift response they will suffer from if a shell does stray into Israel. 


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