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Ivanka Trump Bakes Hamantashen

Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter raised a storm in the social media when she put up a picture where she's making Hamantashen for Purim with her two children. “After school fun baking Hamantashen with Arabella and Joseph” is what Ivanka wrote as a caption to the picture. Her post went viral very quickly across a broad spectrum of media that all had to learn quickly what Hamantashen are and why Ivanka was baking them with her children. On Instagram alone her post got over a hundred and eighty thousand likes and thousands of comments.

By the way not all the comments were kind. Some were “Happy Purim” wishes and honest curiosity like; “how did the Hamantashen come out?” People on the left side of the political spectrum saw the innocent picture and decided it was a good opportunity for a political lecture. Someone wrote: “You should know that the Trump Administration hates the Jewish population as it hates all other races. The Trump Administration wants to preserve a white Catholic majority in America. Perhaps it'll even banish all American Jews to Israel?” There’s nothing more refreshing than a good political lecture… so inspiring!!

The strangest reactions actually came from anti-semitic Muslims. Besides having many comments in Arabic there were those who attempted writing in the following comments in English:
“This holiday is based on two Jews in the court of the king of Iran that lied to the King and killed thousands of Iranians. Why should the daughter of the President celebrate such a holiday?”

Another similar comment was; “Really? You’re baking cookies to celebrate that Jews killed Iranians? Is this what you teach your children?”



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