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Lapid is Hopeful But is He Realistic?

This past Friday Channel 2 conducted a survey which showed that the Likud would go down from 30 to 25 seats and Lapid’s Yesh Atid Party would go up from 11 to 25 seats if elections were held today.

On Channel 2’s meet the press program Lapid said, “No one can compete with Netanyahu but me. For months we have been the sole alternative government .We are watching not to lose proportion and keep our humility, but we did see what the polls said. I am prepared to run as number 2, 3 or 4 but if you look, you’ll see there’s no one else!”

Lapid, regarding His plans for Israel said the following: “We need to remove the Palestinians from our lives. What needs to be done is to build a high wall and they should get out of our eyes, there won’t be peace. We don’t want 2 states stuffed into one state.”

When asked about Deri and Litzman’s promise that Lapid would never be prime minister, Lapid responded:”I don’t play this game where you promise the people something and throw it all out when you join a coalition. The system betrayed the citizens and I won’t play that game. I think we need to be united…and therefore when I’m elected I will try to make the largest National Unity government.”

Meanwhile the Likud had what to say about Lapid’s dreams. They said: “No fancy interview will deceive the public. Yair Lapid is a staunch leftist whose main experience was leading extreme panels on Studio sixth night (a Friday night program). his defense minister would be Ofir Selah who publically supports the N.G.O. “Breaking the Silence”.. and Yaakov Peri who took part in a movie slandering Israel”
Lapid thinks the public has forgotten the facts. Let him stop pretending he is a right winger, says the Likud.


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