Mika and Ali: From Poverty to Romance to Nightmare Part 2

In the first part Mika describes how Ali was everything she was looking for and her protection after a troubled childhood where her mother died and she ended up getting thrown out of her house. At the same time Ali was looking after her and in no time she would be living at his home. She ended up declaring she wanted to be a Muslim without knowing what she was saying as she didn’t really yet know Hebrew. Click here for previous part.

Mika went to live in Ali’s village. Ali had a small apartment next to his parent’s home. Until they got married Mika lived at Ali’s parent’s house. “In the neighborhood they were preparing for the wedding. They prepared food for the festivities. It was 3 weeks after I moved there. I was still confused and didn’t yet acclimate to my surroundings. I found it difficult to understand Hebrew, Arabic and that I was getting married altogether. I couldn’t tell if I was alive or dead or if this was all a mirage. Then one day he got angry at me and gave me a stinging smack in the face. I had no idea why he was angry at me and I was shocked. I understood Ali is not like I thought, but I was scared to leave. Where would I run, to the street?

Shortly after their marriage, Ali was picked up by the police. “He was working in Israel without proper papers and was stopped as an unauthorized person in Israel. He sat in jail for a few months. During that time I left his apartment back to his parent’s house. I was pregnant with our first daughter. His parents actually treated me nicely but they kept on asking me; “Where is it better here or by the Jews? Being surrounded by Arabs and not seeing one Jew around I told them “of course by you” and cried inside my heart.

Ali was freed a few months later and I gave birth to my firstborn daughter. I came home a freshly new mother, weak and tired and I also had gall stones.  I suffered attacks of indescribable pain but if that wasn’t enough Ali would strike me with cruelty and then threw me out of the house with my crying baby without any formula, diapers or anything. I walked back into his parent’s house and I firmly said: “If you don’t take me back to my parent’s house I will commit suicide.” I knew they would take this threat seriously and Ali’s brother indeed drove me to my father.”

But Mika’s father couldn’t care less. “My father was totally closed off to my suffering. He couldn’t listen nor could he cry. Even though I told him the hell I was going through and I asked him to have mercy on me and my little child he responded coldly: “He’s your husband, go back to him. There’s nothing else to do.” Meanwhile Ali was emotionally squeezing me and telling me it would not be good for me if I went to social services. They’d see a young 17 and a half year old teen with a baby and they’d probably take her away. This scared me. Ali promised he’d change if I came back to him and he would treat me better. So I went back to Ali. I tried convincing myself it would be better but it was much worse.”

“Ali would cruelly beat me about 10 times a week without any reason or explanation. He struck me with his fists, sticks, shoving, pushing and anything else he wanted. The girl saw everything but he showed no compassion to her either. 2 and a half years later I was pregnant again. His mother wanted to give me a gift but perhaps I said something that made Ali lose it. He pummeled me with terrible blows event though he knew I was pregnant. I was taken to a women’s doctor who was also a Jewish Russian woman that was married to an Arab. She checked me and told me painfully: “You had triplets but one died and you have 2 left.” I continued the pregnancy and though Ali knew the risks involved he would beat me mercilessly. Miraculously the twins survived my beatings and were born healthy.

​After the birth of the twins Ali received permission to move to Israel so we rented an apartment and lived in Israel.

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