“I Only Knew He Was Muslim After We Began Our Relationship”

Amir Pachar starred in a reality show in Israel called “Surviving” and he does not come across as being a Muslim coming from Jaffa. His Hebrew is impeccable and Amir Pachar is an Israeli name so it’s no wonder that his Israeli girlfriend Opal Inbar had no reason to believe he wasn’t Jewish. Amir never bothered telling her he was Muslim and was born with the name Muhammad. Amir also had no ties with his family in Jaffa so that wouldn’t give it away either.

Only by chance when watching an episode of ‘Survival’ Opal heard him admit he was Muslim and felt he misled her. Her original thought was to continue her relationship but her parents convinced her to break up the relationship and she decided that was the right thing to do.

None of this would have become public if it wasn’t for a Facebook post that lasted all of 10 minutes on Amir’s page before he took it down. The post showed a letter from Opal’s father saying; “I won’t give up on our daughter. Opal you are part a small and special nation, a nation that watched over itself for thousands of years. This has nothing to do with religion but with essence. Separate from this young man before it’s too late.”

Amir erased the post after only 10 minutes but that was enough for it to get out. Opal’s story got out. In an interview to the ‘Israel Hayom’ newspaper she spoke unhesitant about her decision. Originally she would never enter a relationship with a Muslim if she was aware of it. “If I would know that evening that he was a Muslim I’d have proposed to be casual friends. I would never consider an intimate relationship.” When the interviewer asked why she answered: “I am proud of my being Jewish and it’s important for me to marry a Jew and have Jewish children. I have friends of every type without differentiating in their religious affiliation… this does not mean I must marry someone out of my religion. In an intimate relationship I check forward to the future. As a Jew marrying a Muslim, I would have a problematic future.”

When Dror Inbar found out his daughter Opal was going out with a Muslim his world was coming down in destruction. In an interview he said: “I thought I was dead. I called Opal but she didn’t answer… I was upset at myself for not telling her enough about Judaism and how important it is. I was clear that if this reality continues and she stays going out with this Muslim there would be suffering. I hoped that when I caught her she would tell him she’s breaking up with him.”

Amir tried claiming he was Jewish because his mother was Jewish but he was evasive when asked to produce some documentation. Dror knew Amir wasn’t to be trusted but it took time for Opal to be convinced. Opal said: “I felt everyone was against me. I saw a challenge in Amir. I actually loved our tragic story somewhat and hoped he would convert if necessary. Only after 2 weeks did I agree to meet my parents. I saw that they were in pain but I was stubborn. I closed myself off as if to show they are all mistaken and I’m right!” In the end, her parent’s tenacity not to give up on her and the message they sent her did their work.

“I used to believe that love can be victor over religions, but it’s not true,” Opal concludes.


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