Mika and Ali: From Poverty to Romance to Nightmare, Part 3

In Part 1 Mika describes how Ali was her savior from a troubled childhood where her mother died and she ended up getting thrown out of her house.

In Part 2 Mika describes marrying Ali and being subject to his terrible unrelenting abuse and then being able to move out of the Arab village to the main part of Israel.

Not having any Jewish background I prepared a Christmas dinner in 2005. We did this without any religious significance just to be festive. Meanwhile, smoking was my escape as I had no one to tell how I was suffering to calm me, help and reassure me. Outside of that I didn’t smoke or drink. When Ali came home and found out I was smoking he had an attack of rage. He threw all the foods off the festively arranged table then he took a broom and hit me in the back so hard that the broomstick broke.

Neighbors heard the racket and called the police. Ali warned me before they came that if I said anything he would make sure I’d never see the children again. He knew that was my weak point. I was taken to the hospital and he was taken into custody. The police questioned me but I lied. I told them it was a self-inflicted wound. As I was already not psychologically balanced and tried to commit suicide a few times they believed the story and Ali was released.

In 2006 we got a government apartment. We lived there with the children but there wasn’t a day I wasn’t beaten and abused all in front of the children. One day I visited my father. Though he couldn’t care less, I needed a change of scenery from my daily hell on earth. When I came back Ali was looking at me with suspicious eyes and accused me of not being faithful to him. All my explanations fell on deaf ears. He cursed me so that I felt I couldn’t take it anymore so I answered him back in kind. He was so shocked by my outburst that he took a pressure cooker lid weighing a few pounds and bashed me on the head with it. Though I was bleeding profusely I still managed to forcefully shove him back.

He then took a kitchen knife and shouted: “Who do you think you are that you raise your hand on me? I’m going to stab you!” I was totally apathetic and was prepared to be put out of my misery and I replied; “So stab me!”  Ali graciously complied and stabbed me in the stomach. Where were the children? I had put them to bed thinking at least they won’t see this but the oldest girl came out and saw everything.

Mika was hospitalized and Ali before running away said: “If you say anything you and the children will die.”

I was in a trauma unit and actually died a clinical death. I’m not sure how they brought me back or how I’m even alive.

Social services got involved in my case. The police searched for Ali and apprehended him and put him in jail. My children stayed by my father but the day I was released from the hospital he arrived at my doorstep with the children and said: “Break your own head figuring out what to do” and left the children back with me leaving me alone. I had no idea what to do. I went to where we hid our money but Ali made sure he cleaned that out before me so I was penniless.

There was no money, the children needed to eat and I had rent to pay besides water, gas and electricity. The bills mounted and I was invited to a social services hearing that would consider how they could help me, or so I thought. I assumed they’d understand what I went through and extend a hand in assistance but it was quite the opposite. They said unequivocally: “Either you get a job and start supporting your family or we take your children into custody and place them in a dormitory.”

Mika who was hardly alive, was expected to get a job like a fully functioning adult as if she never went through any trauma and didn’t just come out of the hospital from an attempted murder. Then she made a naïve and terrible mistake.
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