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Passover Recipe: Shoulder of Lamb

What do I need?

3 kilogram lamb shoulder

1 kilogram potatoes

1 kilogram onions

1 cup dry white wine

2 heads of garlic

10 branches of thyme

Curry powder

Salt, Black pepper

Olive oil

How do I prepare it?

Lay the lamb down on suitable surface. Peel potatoes and quarter them. Peel onions and slice into rings. Place the onions and potatoes into a separate bowl not with the meat. Mix the rest of the ingredients half the garlics without peeling them. Pour the whole mixture over the meat and also over the onions and potatoes.

Massage the sauce into the meat. Mix the potatoes and onions with their sauce and lay them on an oiled oven pan. Place lamb on top of potatoes in pan.

Heat the oven to 250c placed the lamb in for about 15 minutes until lightly browned. Take the pan out and cover it with foil. Lower the temperature to 160c and put the meat back in for 2 hours. When ready wait 20 minutes before cutting up lamb.


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