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Last week Rabbi Dovid Moshe Yisrael of Ashdod left this world losing his battle to illness. The picture of his orphaned son Shloimie, sitting “shiva” all by himself spread in social media. People were asked to make consolation visits to this orphan. The picture that circulated must have touched on the hearts of many people as many total stranges came to show their last respects at the shiva home.
Chananya Deutsch, a resident of Ashdod wrote the following; “I came back from a shiva visit to the Yisrael family but I must share what I saw. As an Ashdod resident and a member of the kehilla I too came to console Shloimie and the bereaved family. Ten of us men sat silently, what could we say to a 10 year old boy that from now on won’t be hugged by his father before bedtime? We are all soon going home to our children but the smile  which strengthened Shloimie to learn another day in “chaider” from his father that prayed 10 years to have this son, that smile  is no more.
We were all sitting without a word, silently praying to ourselves that young Shloimie now orphaned and alone should somehow have a good life in the future, with happiness and good fortune. But who could even talk? Just looking into Shloimie’s eyes looking at the crowd around him was already overwhelming!”
“I was about to leave when I saw a non-religious young man come in to console Shloimie. He asked for a kippa. He sat with us and we wondered, “Where does this young man know Shloimie from?” The young man broke the silence and said: “I’m from Rishon Letzion. Someone sent me this picture of an orphan sitting shiva all by himself and I was overcome with compassion for him. I felt I must ride over and share in his pain and console him.”
Chananya continues, “Before leaving I saw that this young man went to the table where there were forms for whoever wanted to give financial assistance to the bereaved family. He filled out a form for an automatic bank transfer of 200 shekel a month for Shloimie’s family. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of Am Yisrael Chai! Here was a private tragedy of a family bereaved of their father, husband and breadwinner after a protracted battle with illness. Am Yisrael cannot sit back without coming to see how they can help! They must come from far away and offer condolences and support! Look at our beautiful nation! Someone is in pain and total strangers stop all activity to share in his pain. All types of Jews that never previously met the family came from every part of the country in the pouring rain for one purpose: to help ease the pain of a young orphan.”
This is a moment of seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel! Am Yisrael Chai! 

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