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Are We Burying Our Heads in the Sand?

As many as 2,000 fires scorched our country from November 18th to the 26th. Many of these started simultaneously in totally different areas.  Victims saw suspects running or throwing Molotov cocktails, but presently only 10 people remain in custody and only 2 indictments were issued. A channel 2 interview quoted an investigator that claimed “there was no proof most of the fires were arson”.
Gilad Erdan quoting this interview used it as an example of the media slant existing in Israel.  “The Israeli media must end its double standard. I cannot understand why must we keep burying our heads in the sand? Do the media and leftists think these fires were started as romantic fires?” Erdan asked in an interview to Galei Yisrael Radio.
Currently, only 29 of the most damaging fires are recognized as terrorist attacks caused by arson. In those instances the government will help pay billions in damages but refuses to name any perpetrators by name.
In the same interview Gilad Erdan had what to say about the “Regulation Law” meant to protect settlers from unnecessary lawsuits. “My position is that the law must be passed in its entirety and if necessary we must protect this law from the Supreme Court”.
Many leftist NGOs create non–existent Arab “owners” of land in Judea and Samaria. After “finding” them, the NGOs then help these “unfortunate victims” press charges against the settlers for stealing the Arabs lands. The regulation law will protect settlers from these lawsuits saying the even in a worst case scenario where the land was indeed stolen, (which is almost nonexistent) the “owners” would be financially recompensed instead of forcing settlements to be uprooted and relocated. Unfortunately, the law does not have the support of Prime Minister Netanyahu and it is widely criticized by the Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit and the media.  
If everything goes according to schedule the Residents of Amona will be forcibly removed from their homes and will watch their homes being destroyed on December 25th. Perhaps the law will protect them.
 May G-d protect us all from destruction from our enemies from without and within.

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