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Days of Wrath

On Sunday night the IDF reported to shooting incidents. In one incident a bus riding on route 60 near Ofra was shot at. The Binyamin Regional Army Unit received the report from the bus driver and went searching for the shooters. In the other incident an army position between bet El and Ramallah was shot at. Thankfully in both incidents no one was injured.

In addition to these 2 shooting incidents Molotov cocktails were thrown at a driving toward the Etzion bloc and in Shafaram in the North a young woman was slightly injured when terrorists threw rocks at her car and she got injured by a shard. The police are looking for the perpetrators.

Earlier yesterday wild rioting and disturbances near Bethlehem were quelled by security forces when masked terrorists tried throwing Molotov cocktails at Rachel’s Tomb. 2 terrorists with Molotov cocktails on them were apprehended there.  

In the Wadi Ara region on route 65 there were ongoing riots and stone throwing at busses. A bus on the way to Tel Aviv was stoned and the driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. 2 woman passengers were treated at the scene. 2 young terrorists were arrested at the scene. MK Ahmad Tibi was also present at the unruly protest and he was surely not telling them to exercise restraint. As an inciter to terror he should be stripped of being an MK


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