How does G-d decide what should be a sin?

printing material from hidabroot


What can we do so G-d will no longer give us tribulations? (query sent after the Har Nof synagogue massacre in Jerusalem in November, 2014)

May a child be cross with his parents?

Adam’s ancestry and the Sumerians

Intimate Relations


Can a non-Jew repent?

Sibling jealousy among small children

Counselor with a non kosher phone

Lag baOmer

Is it possible to prove that the Master of the Universe exists or is it just a feeling???

Mass revelations by other nations

Children’s Education

At Odds with My Mother

Tikun Haklali

King Yoshiahu

Water from a water fountain on Shabbat


kibud horim

Long Distance Tehillim Reading Group

Does watching violent movies corrupt the mind?

I’m at my wits end: my mother-in-law interferes in my children’s education. What should I do?

The Age of the Universe


Judaism Develops the Character

Should you register a child at a care center with Arab assistants?

Are there limits to Scientific Inquiry?

Printing on the small tallis

Changing personality traits

Getting out of debt and repenting for a serious sin

What Does Amen mean?

Does the Torah address today’s challenges?



Reason for Woman's Head Covering

Judaism - How long is it in existence?

Why were the Jewish people punished so many times?

Meat or dairy on Shabbat?


I’m embarrassed to ask my parents to block the smartphone, what should I do?


What do I do if dairy almond milk spilt into a plastic container that a piece of chicken in it?

Adam and Eve’s Curse

Why rainfall is greater in some regions of Israel

Concerning the prophecy "and the sons will return to their borders"

If one contributed money but it did not reach its destination, does one get a reward?

Negative thoughts about a person

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