“I’m a Jewish Girl and He Was an Arab Boy; What Was I Thinking?”

This is the sad story of a Jewish girl who fell for an Arab boy.

It started at work. He kept staring at me so I looked back. True I knew he was an Arab but it didn’t matter to me. I enjoyed the attention he showered on me and I returned it in kind.

We started talking at work during work breaks. We then progressed to telephone conversations after work hours.  We had long and short conversations for a month. The bonds between us were strengthening. Then he invited me to go out with him. I went without hesitation… I immediately agreed. I enjoyed our conversations so much that I had no second thoughts. We went out together and he kept telling me how great he feels that he got to know me. He would shower me with compliments telling me that he’s excited to go out with me. We spent many hours together and ended at night at his house.

What was I thinking that day? I don’t know and I can’t explain it to myself…

A month later I discovered I was pregnant. I came to work and told him and things derailed. I still remember his first slap in my face. He shouted at me and shamed me. He demanded I have an abortion but I refused. That made him boil with rage; he would shout at me and berate me at work in front of all the workers and customers. I took it only for so long until I couldn’t take it anymore. I handed in my resignation and left my job and filed a complaint against him.

Without hesitating I’ve kept the baby. He is my child and was born at 9 months and stayed with me. This Arab who is his father stayed at work and I am out of work, alone with my child.

Today what gives me strength is the hope that maybe other young Jewish women who hear my story will stay away and not fall into the trap that I fell into; the trap of lies and broken promises of these young men, these Arabs! It’s not worth it!!

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