I was Looking for Mrs. Right and I Found Her!

Eli was looking for his soul mate all over the place. He also looked on religious dating sites. “I was looking for someone compatible with me religion wise, someone on my level. In his extensive searching he discovered the Hidabrut Sheva Berachot Dating Site and decided to sign up.

Rachel on the other hand found the whole idea of dating sites something out of her comfort range. She says: “I didn’t like the concept and I didn’t think I’d find any suitable match through such methods no matter how much these sites were made suitable for the religious public. I met with several young men before Eli and none of them came from these sites!”

So how did you meet your husband on our website?

Rachel laughs. “My mother is a divorcee who signed up to the site for herself. She used to look for a suitable match together with me and when we discovered Sheva Breachot she tried convincing me to join too. She said: “There are a lot of suitable young men on the site it’s worth your while to sign up.” I was not interested! But after many conversations I decided to open a profile page but only for one day; a one day trial to see what it’s about. It comes out, that’s all I needed!”

Indeed that’s all she needed. She signed up and within those 24 hours Eli called.

Eli, why did you call Rachel?

“I was looking for someone compatible with my level of religious observance and on that day I found Rachel’s profile and I saw she would be suitable so I sent her a message.”

Rachel got the message and they traded telephone numbers. Rachel that same day closed down her profile on the site after concluding her 1 day trial. She didn’t need any more than that.

“Even today my friends still laugh about it. It’s kind of wild that the first man who made contact in those 24 hours was Eli. 3 months later we got engaged and now we’re married over a half year. It sounds like a well written novel but it really happened to us!”

What do you suggest to singles still looking?

Rachel eagerly answers: “Before I signed up I peeked around some of the sites and I wasn’t able to find the type of man I was looking for. Not all religious sites have people who are really religious. In Sheva Berachot I found there were many religious quality young men on a higher caliber than other sites. Of course this is the site that I found my husband on… But anyone still looking I strongly recommend the Sheva Berachot site. You can only gain….

For those interested the link is here:      (mainly for Israelis)

English speakers can go to


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