Purim is Coming Early This Year

If you can’t make it to the inauguration tomorrow don’t miss the “interfaith moment of unity, calling to G-d for guidance” at Netivot Shalom in Berkeley.

Rabbi Menachem Creditor is the spiritual leader of Conservative Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley. He sent an email to his congregants about the impending inauguration of President Donald Trump, saying he was “deeply worried about this American moment, as a Jew, as a father, as an American, which is why I cannot abstain from thoughtful action today. Some of us will fast on Friday, an interfaith moment of unity, calling to G-d for guidance as crude language, attacks on free speech and public health, exalted misogyny and emboldened American White Supremacy.”

Creditor acceded that “if Netivot Shalom is empty this Shabbat morning because members of Netivot Shalom are marching as part of the nationwide response to the Presidential Inauguration that would be a fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophetic call, to ‘cry with a full throat, without restraint.’ (Is. 58:1)” It would seem that “without restraint” is a good description of what has been going on.

This temple has joined the chorus of insanity which includes “Rabbis and other “Community Leaders” against Trump. Fortunately this chorus doesn't really represent the Jewish nation and is actually shrinking in numbers because self-hate can last only until the instinct for survival kicks in. And it is kicking in as we’ve seen Jewish institutions all over the U.S. threatened with telephone bomb threats twice this week. Hopefully this will cause people to ask who their true friends are and who their true enemies are, instead of blindly following some empty narrative about anyone not Democratic being the enemy of all good in the world!

What if G-d likes the President who loves Israel more than they do? Can this chorus really be more focused on what they imagine to be Trump's sins than on Jewish and Israel survival? Can they really be ready to sell Israel down the river?

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! 


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