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What is the Oral Tradition (Torah SheBaal Peh)?



What is the Oral Tradition (Torah SheBaal Peh)?


Thr Oral Law is oral because ultimately it has no repository other than the minds of the Jewish people as handed down through the generations. Even when it was written down in the form of the Talmud, it was written is such a way that it retains a component which can only be learned from a teacher. The Oral Law is the way in which we connect with the Torah. It is the bringing of the Torah into this world all the way down until it rests in and connects with our minds. Without the Oral Law, the Torah would always be something separate from ourselves, as is the Written Torah. This would render the Torah something abstract and removed. But this was not G-d’s Will. G-d’s whole reason for creating the Torah was so that we could keep it – so that we could become walking Torah scrolls. The Oral Law is therefore not a luxury. It is G-d’s way of ensuring the implementation of His plan