Husband responsibility



Once again, all responsibility falls on the man. Thus, if there are problems in the marriage, it MUST be the man's fault. He was too angry, too sad, too tired, too bossy. If the wife is a difficult person, it's because of her husband. HE must have caused her to be that way. You push aside the Rambam's clear instructions that she should treat him like a king. How many women actually do that? Many treat their husbands as mothers their children! And are never criticized for it! THIS IS FEMINISM!


To the Questioner, 

It is certainly praiseworthy that one looks at himself rather than at others. 

However, this does not mean that only a man is responsible for the misunderstandings that may go on in a home. It is certainly a possibility that the woman is not acting as she should in doing her part.

The problem is, that when one finds himself in the midst of an issue, it is very difficult to tell which party is really the one at fault. 

The advice for such a situation is to find a third-party, like the Rav of the family, who is not personally invovled in the situation and is therefore able to have an objective ability to guide the couple. 

With Blessings, 
Rabbanei Hidabroot