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Weather Warning: Unusually Strong Storm to Hit Israel Next Week

A strong winter storm system is expected to move into Israel on Tuesday bringing heavy rains and uncommon cold with it. These strong rains with cold temperatures can develop into a snowstorm, says a warning passed to the emergency services in Israel. According to the forecast this storm will linger for three or four days some of them possibly snowy.

Israel’s emergency services are already in massive preparation for the upcoming storm, including inventory checks and increased manpower.

The forecasters stress that whether or not there will be snow will become clear next week, and only then can they predict more accurately if the low temperatures will indeed be accompanied by rain.
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Last weekend, a wave of winter weather in Israel brought strong rains mainly to Northern and Central Israel. These were accompanied by strong winds but it wasn’t that cold and Mount Hermon received a small amount of snowfall, 4cm. (1.5”) at the mountain base and 20cm.(almost 8”) at the summit.

Starting Thursday the rain is predicted to return. The weather will be partly cloudy with scattered showers mainly in the North and along the coast. Temperatures will dip during the weekend but rain is not expected. Stay tuned to next week's weather!


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