Do You Want Proof That G-d Watches Over us?

    Why is it impossible for G-d to forsake His world?

    The Ultimate Goal of Successful Education – Rabbi Zamir Cohen

    The measure of success in education is how the child behaves when he is not with his parents and teachers…

    See Lava Flow in the Streets of Hawaii

    Even in the most seemingly quiet place, the power of the Creator is revealed: Dozens of homes were destroyed by…

    Gallery: Original Ideas for Decorating your Rosh Hashanah Table

    (Credit: Pinterest) Pas cher. Org, avec la forme que vous allez demander à nos Cialis générique et autres produits de…

    Should Israel Remain a Jewish State or Not?

    MK Yisrael Eichler recounts how Tel Aviv Mayor Diezengoff stopped cars from entering the city on Shabbat

    Gallery: When Nature meets Photography

    Look through a gorgeous collection of nature images from 2017. Wonders of Creation

    High Holidays Meledy – Shloime Daskal, Ahrele Samet, Pinky Weber & S Brodt

    Yomim Noraim Medley – A stunning performance by the Freilach Band, the Shira Choir, Shloime Daskal, Ahrele Samet, Pinky Weber…

    Why is the Messiah so Important to Jews?

    Rabbi Tovia Singer explains why Jews yearn for the coming of the messiah. Must see

    Something Fishy Going On

    Eating oily fish can improve reading skills in children.

    Parshat Behar: Shemittah, The Great Equalizer

    Just as everyone can partake of the fruit, everyone can partake of the Torah, we're all equal
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