8th Day: “Bring It Home” – Concert Footage

    Go behind the scenes and on stage with 8th Day. Filmed at this years Soul II Soul concert at The…

    10 Facts About the Mighty Shimshon

    Who was Shimshon and what was his secret?

    The Discovery of Auriculotherapy – Rabbi Zamir Cohen

    Ears are not just for hearing; Auriculotherapy technique is used for treating various conditions – from muscle and skeletal pain,…

    Watch: Cobra Drinks Water from a Bottle

    Awesome footage straight from India, gone viral on social network: See how these kind people reacted when they were approached…

    Yonatan Razel – No More Raisins, No More Almonds

    Yonatan Razel presents a unique song originally sung in Yiddish. Watch

    Meilech Kohn’s New Release for Purim: Layehudim – Official Music Video

    Composed by Meilech Kohn. Official Lyrics Video by Shimmy Socol. Happy Purim

    Parshat Bo – Gratitude Amnesia

    Do we take things for granted even when they are obviously gifts?

    Holocaust Survivor Leah Kaufman Describes How She Survived a Death March

    The wagon driver saved her life through a simple kindness.

    Y-Studs: Brother – Acappella

    Another beauty from Y-Studs upcoming album "Evolution"
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