Wonders of Creation: Beautiful Glacier Flowing with Frozen Water

    “There is no artist like our G-d” (Rashi: Shmuel I - Chapter 2:2)

    10 Strategies and Segulot for Tranquility From Rabbanit Kanievsky OBM

    Her advice always worked; here are 10 tips for various things including attaining calmness and tranquility.

    Watch how a Soap Bubble Freezes in Slow Motion

    As most of the United States is experiencing brutal winter weather, viral videos are circulating of rapid freezing and other…

    Iranians Find Fire & Water after Desperate Search for Drinking Water

    In light of Iran's enormous water shortage, Kurdish-Iranians began to dig in a desperate search for water - what emerged…

    Shabbat: G-d Runs the World

    On Shabbos whilst the rest of the world continues striving to earn their living through effort, observant Jews rest from…

    Shabbat – The Spiritual Within the Physical

    A person who reflects upon the mitzvah of Shabbat from a true perspective will discover that besides for its spiritual…

    A Musician that Invests in Torah Study Can Do Great Things!

    Amir Benayon counters the claim that a musician must use all his time for music and not learn Torah.

    Shlock Rock: Shake Hands with your Uncle Max

    Filmed in Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey and produced by Ethan Bill, Lenny Solomon introduces or reintroduces you to the…

    See How Olive Oil Soap is Made

    How is it done? Watch the manufacturing process of olive oil soap. Interesting
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