Shulem: Piano Man – Must Watch

    Shulem performs a beautiful rendition of Piano Man, live on tour at the Manhattan JCC. Accompanied by leading Broadway musical…

    Does G-d Care What Toilet Paper I Use on Shabbat?

    How do these details make a difference?

    Watch: Skydiver Successfully Lands 25,000 Foot Jump Without Parachute

    A Skydiver has become the first person to jump from a plane into a net on the ground without the…

    The Joy of Simchat Torah

    What is the true joy of Simchat Torah?

    Vayeishev ‘All Rapped up’ The Consequences of Gossip

    The dispute of Joseph and his brother in rap

    Causes for Delayed Marriage

    In our generation, the number of people awaiting marriage is very large relative to the number of those in previous…

    What is the Holiest Spot in the World for the Jewish People?

    Many people say the Western Wall is the holiest spot in the world. Is that true? Historian Ken Spiro explains

    A Woman’s Honor: The Gates of Livelihood – Rabbi Zamir Cohen

    Married men who are looking for a way out of their financial problems don’t realize that the problems stem from…

    Liberators and Survivors of the Holocaust: The First Moments

    This video interweaves liberators’ and Jewish survivors’ testimonies and other primary sources, highlighting the experiences of US soldiers upon entering…

    Bridging the gap

    It's sometimes hard to remember that stories about our luminaries really are relevant to us
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