Marital Harmony: How Much Must I Sacrifice for the Sake of Peace?

    If a husband works to overcome the urge to argue, and invests energy in appeasing his wife until there is…

    The Uniqueness of the Tallit – The Jewish Prayer Shawl

    Rabbi Paysach Krohn elaborates on the significance of the Jewish Prayer Shawl on a tour in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Mind-Blowing

    Conversion – A Question of Substance Not Ceremony

    Jewish identity is not a membership label which one gets by joining the Party and identifying with its goals. Jewish…

    “We Stopped Being Open on Shabbat and Earn 10 Times More Now!”

    More and more Israeli vacation attraction sites started closing for Shabbat and felt immediate blessings at home and in their…

    Yaakov – Man of Truth

    We learn from Yaakov Avinu, the man of truth; that sometimes honesty is not the best policy

    Watch Israeli Air Force Blue Flag Exercise with 8 Guest Nations

    Get a cockpit view of the joint exercise

    At Yad Vashem, Trump Also Honored Emily

    Without fanfare, Trump met Emily, a 10 year old girl fighting cancer for 7 years in a side room of…

    The weddings

    Keeping track is very important

    The Deep Significance of the Holy Language

    Because of his genes, man is equipped with the special ability to learn a language
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