Questions and Answers about Noah and the Flood

    Is there any scientific evidence of Noah's flood? How were millions of species able to enter the ark? And what…

    Kiddush Hashem in Shannon Airport, Ireland

    Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz meets a Group of US Marines in the Airport, thanks them and sponsors dinner for all of…

    How Should My Shabbat Table Look?

    You're actually supposed to enjoy delicacies on Shabbat and that's holy

    This Deal is Too Good to Turn Down

    You can do it but you’ll see no blessing from it

    Women’s Parsha- Shemot: “My Poor Child Were You Lost?”

    It’s hard to prepare for trials and tribulations; how do you deal with them?

    Hidabrut Exclusive; Sneak Movie Preview of “Rabbi Nachman’s Stories”

    Watch “Hindyk”, a story from the movie and the director Tzvi Fishman’s message to us.

    Archaeology Salutes the Torah

    In the last generation, with the burgeoning of archaeological excavations in lands where the people and great figures of the…

    What Star Were You Born Under?

    Kabbalistic works mention that one’s birthday, one’s moment of birth and the star that was prominent at the moment of…

    Identify and Treat Post-Partum Depression

    How do you know what to look for? What treatments are available? 

    Rogers Park’s New Release – Blessings

    "Give blessings to one another... Give strength to one another". Official Music Video by Rogers Park Band
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