Mrs. A., a Mother of 8 Was on Her Way to An Abortion.

    Today she doesn't stop thanking the Creator for giving her a sweet son from a miracle pregnancy.  

    The Coin of Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the Prophet)

    Disguising himself as a stranger, Eliyahu descended into the world and handed the man a shekel

    Fight, Dream and Forgive

    How to re-establish a broken relationship.

    The Consequences of Counting the People

    The Torah forbids counting people directly and also says that this form of counting could cause a plague. This was…

    Watch: Ariel View of Masada – Magical

    Breathtaking drone footage of Masada, Israel. Masada was the last stronghold held by the Jewish Zealots who refused to submit…

    Success Comes from Giving Charity – Sol Werdiger

    Sol Werdiger explains why being charitable is essential for being successful in business. Delivered at Olami Professional Circles

    Nissim Black: King of The World – Official Lyric Video

    Composed and written by Nissim Black

    The Cause of Death of Healthy Young People

    If someone died young from sudden heart failure his family should know there is a genetic factor.

    What Happens to Us After We Die? Afterlife, Paradise and Hell – Rabbi YY Jacobson

    What happens to the soul in the world to come? What is the Jewish perspective of afterlife? Be inspired in…

    Say “Yes” to Shabbat

    Shabbat looks way different from the inside
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