Meal Replacements: Do Those Bars and Shakes Really Work?

    When you're looking to lose weight, a grab-and-go French vanilla bottled shake or mint-chocolate chip bar may seem like a…

    Are you a slave?

    The path to freedom starts inside each of us

    Ramchal — Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto

    The Ramchal’s unique talents, along with the divine revelations he was privy to, aroused suspicion. The damage caused to the…

    Vayechi All Wrapped Up: Blessing our Children

    Why bless our children to be like Ephraim and Menashe more than any of the other tribes?

    Watch: Rivka Malka Tells Her Story

    Watch Rivka Malka tell her fascinating story, how she came closer to Judaism

    Quadruple Amputee Reaches the Top of the Matterhorn

    Mountaineer Jamie Andrew lost his hands and feet to frostbite after becoming trapped in a snowstorm in France 17 years…

    Yishmael – The Wrong Type of Kindness

    Yishmael represents the negative form of kindness. Why did he so abuse this trait that he received from Avraham Avinu?

    Amazing Camouflage: You Won’t Believe What’s Hiding in the Sand – Watch

    This is how to find a hiding place, that no one can identify. Wonders of Creation

    Listen to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Zt”l Sing in his Youth

    Rare video of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, of blessed memory, singing with his amazing voice
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