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Sugar Also Causes Mental Illness

It’s no secret that overdoing sugar consumption is harmful to your health. This was known for a long time and there’s a great awareness to this fact and at least in Israel, people are using less sugar.

However, in addition to all of the maladies caused by consuming too much sugar, recent research shows that it can also contribute to causing mental illness especially in males.

The research that was conducted in the Epidemiology Institute in the University of London involved 7,000 participants for 22 years and shows that males that consume too much sugar have a 23% higher risk of common mental illnesses like depression and anxiety as compared to males who consumed smaller amounts of sugar.

But what is considered “too much sugar”? There are various opinions and it seems to depend on where you live. Researchers in the UK say 67 grams of sugar a day is too much, whereas in the US they say 94 grams is too much.

Anita Koppel who is the head of the research says: “There are a number of parameters that influence mood disturbances with consumption of sweet food and drinks possibly being the straw that breaks the camel’s back.” On the other hand, the study doesn’t show any relationship between excessive sugar consumption and mental illness in women which seems puzzling.


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