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Former Miss Israel Decided She Won’t Wear Immodest Clothing

Former Miss Israel Mor Maman astounded the world when she announced to the world that she was leaving behind the secular non-observant world slowly but surely accepting mitzvoth. Only this past Passover she donated a Torah scroll to a Synagogue in Har Homa and now she took a courageous step forward during a women’s trip of prayer and spiritual awakening to Uman to the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev.

During the flight to Uman she announced in front of hundreds of women that she was parting from wearing pants and she accepted upon herself to wear only skirts. It took a lot of courage for her to do this and she was moved to tears in front of all the women when she announced this on the plane.

Mor explains that she started coming closer to G-d since she saw a movie from Rabbanit Barash which brought her to strengthen herself and embrace keeping Judaism more and more each day.

As mentioned this brought her to donate a Torah Scroll on Passover in a great ceremony to K’Ayal Taarog in Har Homa, one of Jerusalem’s suburb towns. Rabbi Amrami the head of the Synagogue and institutions spoke of her great Mitzvah: “Our Father in heaven is very proud of you. Donating a Torah Scroll is a very important mitzvah that not everyone gets a chance to fulfill. You sanctified G-d’s name greatly with your whole process of coming closer to our Father in heaven.”

On her trip Mor just took another big step forward inspiring the women on the plane with her courageous decision. Anyone else who hears of her courage and strength of character will also surely be inspiried.
Mor Maman with the Torah Scroll she donated 


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