I Would Have Sent my Kids to Catholic School 

I’ll be brief. I’m a young married woman learning in a Woman’s institute for Torah learning in Israel.

I left Israel to Florida after completing my army service and I lived there until a few years ago. Unfortunately I was on the verge of marrying a Catholic man; I already wore his ring and started attending church on Sundays.

One day surfing the web, by chance I landed on the Hidabroot website. A video on intermarriage was sent to me straight from heaven on the home page and I got the shock of my life! I just then started to understand what a Jew is. I began corresponding with the rabbis of the ‘ask the rabbis’ section (mainly with the Honorable Rabbi Menashe) for many months. It’s a long story (I said I’d be brief) but in the end I came back to Israel as an observant woman. After a while with G-d’s help I met my destined soul mate.

I ask with tears that you help this organization as much as you can. There are hundreds of thousands of souls waiting for Hidabroot to reach out to them with a helping hand. Hidabroot must reach every corner of the globe!

I shudder every day when thinking about the possibility I would have sent my children to a Catholic School. Instead of learning Torah and praying in a synagogue to our Father in heaven they would G-d forbid be learning Christianity.

Hidabroot with their incredible staff came along and brought me and my family under the wings of the divine presence.


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