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7,000 apartments to be built in Jerusalem

Israel news:

Netanyahu approved 7,000 apartments to be built in Jerusalem. Their approval will be expedited so construction in Jewish neighborhoods can begin shortly.

Amare Stoudemire played with Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team but may not continue with them. He did apply for Israeli citizenship though and hopes to live here permanently. He keeps Mitzvoth as an African Hebrew and is constantly learning more about Judaism. He also acts a liaison to foreign athletes and dignitaries on his own, showing and telling them how great Israel is.

Bad advice: Author Yossi Klein Halevi told Jason Greenblatt at the meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday that the Palestinian leadership does not have much to offer Israel… it’s plausible that the payback Israel will receive for territorial compromises will come in the form of normalization with our Arab neighbors.” In other words Israel will give something and get nothing back for it as it has done until now. Bad advice.

World news:

At a briefing yesterday a state department spokeswoman said: “The president has been clear all along – his position on this has not changed – and that is that we see settlements as something that does not help the peace process.” Netanyahu has curbed settlement building to honor his wishes so what does he get in return?

The UN evil strikes again as they prepare for a special conference: The “UN Forum to mark the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation” on June 29-30 according to Ynet. This conference will also be attended by groups that support the BDS movement. Gilad Erdan wrote to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: “These organizations dedicate the majority of their energies to promoting economic, academic and cultural boycotts of Israel, attacking Israel in international legal and diplomatic forums, and delegitimizing Israel's basic right to exist. Several have connections to designated terror groups while others publically glorify convicted terrorists.”

They have no business staying open for business.

A terrorist at Bishop International Airport in Michigan today (Wednesday) yelled “Allahu Akbar” and stabbed a police officer in the back and neck critically wounding him. The FBI is investigating.


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