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Israel Attacks Hamas Targets in Gaza

The Air Force attacked 3 Hamas targets that were training and weapon storage areas. This was in reaction to missile fire from Gaza to the towns in southern Israel. According to reports from Gaza it was a strong attack that came in repeated waves for over 40 minutes targeting the Hamas sea commando posts in Northwestern Gaza and another target in Dir Al- Balah in central Gaza.

Though there were over 20 air force attacks it’s probable that there weren’t any terrorists injured or killed for they may have vacated the posts for fear of retaliation after their missile launches. The IDF spokesman said:
“The State of Israel will not allow harming or attempts to harm its citizens and will continue to protect them and its sovereignty with determination. The Hamas terror organization which rules in Gaza is marching Gaza residents to lives of poverty, destruction and despair and they are responsible for this situation.”

Yesterday (Wednesday) Gazan terrorists fired a volley of 3 missiles to the towns adjacent to Gaza and Sderot. The red alert alarm went off in Sderot, and the Regional Councils of Shaar HaNegev, Sedot Negev and Ashkelon Coast. The IDF confirmed the missiles launched into Israel and said that 2 were intercepted; one over the city of Sderot. The 3rd rocket fell in an open area of the Eshkol regional council which actually didn’t have an alarm sound off.

4 people were treated for shock in Sderot by emergency responders. They went into shock while running to their bomb shelters.

This is the 3rd consecutive day the Islamic Jihad terrorists shot rockets at Israel. All told 10 rockets were fired at Israel this week and the people living in southern Israel demand a stronger response to this.


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