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The Rebbe Decided: "Full Speed Ahead to Establish Hidabroot USA"

Hidabroot’s directors entered the inner sanctum in Belz chassidus with hundreds of recorded videos and a detailed plan • Outreach experts: This will make a revolution in the world of outreach in the US • Goal: stop the plague of rampant assimilation across the USA • "We need to talk about assimilation in America without fear," said the Rebbe, "with our line being that every person should remain in his religion" • Next week the delegation will launch the new channel together with a massive round of seminars in North America • Hidabroot is now crossing borders

Rabbi Zamir Cohen On Tzofiyah: Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Was Impressed With The Initiative

After five years of development and adaptation, the new kosher digital converter from Hidabroot has finally been launched. In a special interview, Rav Zamir Cohen discusses the approbations received from the great Rabbis of our generation for this initiative, the difficulties which have beset the enterprise and the targeted audience, as well as revealing a plan to create a kosher news program.

Take Part in this Urgent Mission to Save Jewish Souls

Hidabroot, the world’s largest Jewish television network is joining forces and launching a worldwide initiative with a mission to promote Jewish education and fight assimilation by making our content widely available in English, French and German. We are turning to all kiruv organizations, Rabbis, communities, and lecturers from around the world, asking them to take part in this urgent mission to save Jewish souls

The Revolution 3: Interview with Rabbi Zamir Cohen

Parallel universes in Kabbalistic teachings, the future flowing into the present and the contraction of the moon are only some of the more intriguing issues dealt with in The Revolution 3, a new book by Rabbi Zamir Cohen. Until a few decades ago, some of these issues were consid-ered science fiction, but the rabbi's phenomenal ability to keep connecting between religion and science shows us again how truth is stranger than fiction

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