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Missionary Invited to Speak at Orthodox Synagogue

HELP!!!!!!!!!! Great big Chillul HaShem being made!!!!

Am Israel, we have a kehila of over 1000 Modern Orthodox Jewish families in danger and they don't even know it.

The leadership at Boca Raton Synagogue in Florida is bringing Mathew Kelly, the #1 Catholic MISSIONARY in the World to speak about the purpose of life. This isn't a joke it's really happening.

See below: 

This is the speakers' book promotion about his work 

His Wikipedia says “Kelly's book Rediscover Catholicism has sold millions of copies, making it the 2nd highest selling CATHOLIC BOOK, second only to the Bible.” 

Did Am Israel run out of Motivational speakers?  Have we run out of Torah wisdom?

Reasoning with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg at the leadership has failed.  They think that this guy is not coming to recruit PURE JEWISH SOULS and will just motivate them, putting his missionary work aside for the day. 

It's like bringing A Wolf to a Barn and saying he's only here to count sheep.

This Kelly guy might be a nice guy, but let him be nice at his church promoting his books  and let him stay away from Am Israel. We need Hashem and His Torah, not Jesus and idol worshiping. 

Am Israel, We NEED YOUR HELP. Call the Gdoley HaDor, your local Beit Din, local Rabbi's, Jewish KIRUV Organizations, and anyone else that cares and get these naive leaders to stop this before it's too late. 

Don't be surprised about Heavenly punishment from the Creator when His Name, His Torah and His people are being desecrated.

If you care about saving Jewish souls from Christian/Catholic Missionaries then please share this.


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