Jewish Thought

The wisdom of our sages



While watching a lecture by Rabbi Zamir Cohen, he said things that the sages foresaw on the messianic period, e.g. that bread will grow on plants and we can take them easily and won’t have to buy them at the grocery store. My question is how do the sages know the future? How did they know that this would happen? During the period of the Sages there were no prophets. I would be grateful if you CAN direct me to a video on the subject.


The sages lived close to the period of the prophets (the Tannaim still lived during the period of the Second Temple which had prophets), and because of this, they received many messages from the prophets who lived in those periods (most of the prophets did not write books, there were actually hundreds of thousands of Jewish prophets throughout the ages!). Moreover, our sages received by tradition the explanation of the prophets’ words, and they knew what the prophets intended.