Saying hello to a Non-Jew



I’m have trouble with my Jewish friend, When I’m working hard on my garden he tells me , Good luck enjoy....don’t he see I’m working hard!...Is he have fun with me .


To th Questioner, 

Jewish Law requires that Jewish people say words that give strength and encouragement to Non-Jews that they see working in the feild. 

Source: Mishna Gittin, 5:9.

Therefore, it is logical to say that your Jewish friend meant to encourage you in a positive way when he said the words: "Good luck, enjoy".

If those were not words that give you positive encouragement, you should try to notify him that you ask he not say those words, but rather other words that will really give you strength and encouragement. 

You should tell him the words that you feel most comfortable with, and then he can say those words whenever he see you working. 

With blessings,