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Iran-Iraq Earthquake Death Count Up to 407 and 6700 wounded

Israel news:

The IDF confiscated thousands of Shekels of funding to the families of the terrorists who murdered Hadas Malka who was killed at the Damascus Gate of the old city of Jerusalem. This funding which was confiscated came from terrorist organizations to help the families rebuild their homes that were razed by the IDF.

Islamic Jihad military branch is on high alert according to the al-Hiyat newspaper. Israel estimates that they will try to seek revenge in a way that won’t enable easy retaliation. This might mean a terror attack as opposed to missiles from Gaza.

Women’s retirement age to go up after the Knesset Finance committee unanimously agreed to this step to gradually raise the retirement age over the next 10 years.

0.2% less apartments sold last quarter in Israel and home purchases directly from builders dropped 16%.

Global warming to bring more storms to the polar regions according to researchers at the Weitzman Institute of Science who claim they deciphered the mechanisms of what makes a storm move northward or southward.

World news:

407 people were killed and over 6700 wounded from Iran-Iraq earthquake including 2 Jews who got injured.

There’s a French-Egyptian initiative to settle the Hariri resignation crisis according to Zian Aziz who is Lebanese President Mishel Aoun’s advisor. Saad al- Hariri is in Saudi Arabia for over a week after he regined from the post of Lebanese Prime Minister.


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