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United Jerusalem Law Brings International Reactions in its Wake

Teva layoffs deferred for 2 years: Teva and the Histadrut Workers Union signed a deal in which the layoffs of most of the workers is now postponed for 2 years until the end of 2019. In the interim they will get bonuses and be eligible for paid retraining courses to stay integrated in the workforce upon leaving Teva.

Israel failed in its battle against rabies: There are almost 80 cases of animals that have rabies in Northern Israel. MK Orly Levi Abucassis asked the state comptroller to investigate why this is so and make the relevant authorities accountable and eradicate this disease.

Jordan foreign minister against United Jerusalem law: Ayman Safdi the Jordanian foreign minister discussed the United Jerusalem law passed by the Knesset requiring the enlarged majority vote of 80 MK’s before any giving away of Jerusalem land. He said: “These decisions are void under international law. Israel continues to take unilateral and illegal steps which keep the peace this region needs away from the region. This peace is also an international interest.”

El Salvador won’t move its embassy back to Jerusalem: El Salvador was the last country to take its embassy out of Jerusalem in 2006. But now in wake of Trump’s declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital countries are considering moving their embassies to Jerusalem. However El- Salvador announced it is not considering moving back at this time. El Salvador foreign minister Hugo Martinez said: “We won’t move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem due to the respect we have for the Middle East peace process especially between Israel and the Palestinians.”

India cancelled half billion dollar missile order from Rafael: Rafael announced that right before signing a half billion dollar ‘Spike’ missile system purchase deal with it, India backed out and cancelled the deal.


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