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The Incredible Story Of The Boat That Found Rabbi Reuven Bauman ZT”L

This young, vibrant and loving husband, father, rebbi and friend made the ultimate sacrifice. At the tender age of 35, Rabbi Bauman gave his life in order to save the lives of his students. A special fund has been set up to help secure the financial future of Rabbi Bauman’s wife and children and provide them tranquility as they work to rebuild their lives without their dear father. Click on the link below to donate

Israel and US Perform Successful Test of Arrow 3 Missile over Alaska - Watch

The U.S and Israel secretly performed 3 tests of the "Arrow 3" anti-ballistic missile system in Kodiak Island, Alaska. The tests were successful and the "Arrow 3" intercepted all incoming missiles outside the atmosphere. This was the biggest missile test the U.S and Israel have performed on American soil. Its main goal is to intercept long-range missiles from Iran. The Arrow Weapon System is a central part of Israel’s multi-layer defense system