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I am a non-Jew, I want to be a Jew




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You should know that the Torah does not require you to convert to judaism.

The Torah states that any man that keeps the Noah laws - is a good man, and will go to heaven. See here the World Center of the sons of Noah:


The Seven commandments of Noah are:

 And in Arabic: % 80% 8C% DA% AF% D8% A7% D9% 86% D9% 87_% D9% 86% D9% 88% D8% AD


To convert and be a jew you need to love God with all your heart and soul, and to be able to sacrifice your life for God.

You need to know that Israel is persecuted and hated all over the world, and going through anguish. It is Very hard to be a Jew. The Torah requires hundreds of commandments: tefillin, tzitzit, Sabbath, Passover matzos, sitting in the sukkah, and more - and any Jew that violates the commandments shall be punished by god.


If you're willing to sacrifice your life for the Lord, and keep all the Torah commandments, then you can convert and be a Jew. To convert you need to go to the rabbinate of any city in Israel, and to ask them. Here's Phone Tel Aviv Rabbinate: 03-6938989

And the site of the Rabbinate:


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