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When will I be a Jew in the creator’s eyes?



My father is Jewish but my mother is not. I am currently converting to Judaism in Israel under a program from the rabbinate. I study and take upon myself new mitzvoth regularly with the guidance of my Rabbi. However, I think that in the eyes of my co-worshipers in the synagogue that I am still just a goy. It makes me fear that Elokim also only looks upon me as a goy and won't consider my prayers or offer me His protection as He would a born jew. When will I become a Jew in Elokim's eyes and find grace in His eyes?


To the Questioner, 

You need  to be aware that Hashem listens to the sincere prayers of a non-Jew just like He listens to those of a Jew. 
This is clear from the verse in Psalms (145-18): "Hashem is close to all those who call to Him - to all that call out to Him in truth".

You should not be put off by the way others veiw you. G-d values every human being, and those who want to come even closer to Him are certainly very valued up on high. It is very likely that you already find grace in His Eyes although you have not yet completed conversion.

May you be able to continue in the way of expressing your desire for maintaining a positive connection to the Creator,
Rav Nachum