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Trump’s Immigration Law Was Reinstated

Israel news:

Supreme Court does away with deferments for Yeshiva students further showing its disconnect to anything holy. By September 2018 a new law must be established or yeshiva students face having to close their holy books.

Kosher may not be kosher if a new law passed allows food establishments to pass themselves off as Kosher without certification. Caveat emptor will be the new definition for ‘kosher’ in Israel causing many Jews who are unaware to stumble eating non-kosher food. Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau and the Rabbinate say: “There’s no guarantee that the ‘truthful display’ of the word kosher means anything according to Jewish law.”

A 29 year old Israeli man died from hypothermia in the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain as confirmed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The local embassy is working on bringing the body back to Israel for burial. This man’s girlfriend who was up in the mountains with him when they got lost survived and was discharged from the hospital.

The Taub Center found that boys have double the chance of being held back a grade or placed in a lower grade than girls in all Israeli schools public and private. 23% of Haredi boys were left back. In the Arab sector boys in accelerated tracks is higher than the national average.

World news:

Trump’s immigration law was reinstated: After the Appeals Court rejected Trump’s law which banned entry to America from 6 Muslim countries; Trump made some changes in the law in it was reinstated. Next month the Supreme Court will decide if the law is constitutional.

South Korea successfully tested a cruise missile which hit its target. It was a Taurus missile made by Germany launched from an F-15. The missile has a 500 km range.

Teachers in the UK are afraid to teach about 9/11 for fear they might ‘offend the feelings’ of Muslim students. This was reported from all over the UK when teachers were preparing to talk about it. Out of the almost 3,000 victims 67 victims were British citizens.


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