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192 Road Fatalities in Israel, 45 of Them in June

Israel news:

June is 2017’s high for Israeli road fatalities totaling 45. Since the beginning of the year, 192 died in road fatalities.

The children of the ALYN Hospital for rehabilitation visited the Prime Minister's home and participated in a meal with him and his wife. The children enjoyed themselves and the attention showered upon them by the Prime Minister and his wife.

Migdal HaEmek High School students invent child safety clip: they took a strong string and place 2 clips on it, one on each end. A parent driving his car will clip one clip to his clothing and the other to the car seat. When trying to get out of the car a driver can’t get up without unclipping himself which will remind him to take his child with him.

World news:

The Gulf States extend their ultimatum deadline 48 hours: Kuwait, which is mediating between Qatar and the other Gulf States, asked for another 48 hours before implementing more serious sanctions on Qatar. Gulf state demands include cutting ties with Iran and closing down Al-Jazeera. Trump supports their move.

Mike Pence teaches others about modesty: Vice President Mike Pence stated he would not dine privately with a woman that isn’t his wife. Approximately half of America agrees with him.

Hamas sent a senior delegation to Egypt to help improve relations with Egypt and ease the closure on Gaza.

Trump blames media for trying to silence him: “I defeated the fake news and will continue to win” said the president.

The Taliban killed 13 militia men who support the Afghan government. A rebel leader was killed in a battle against government forces.


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