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California Fire Death Toll Reaches 40

Israel News:

The “Handicapped turning into Panthers” organization which is protesting the low stipend the handicapped receive is currently blocking the Israel Coastal Highway at the Netanya interchange. Disabled IDF soldiers have joined the protest at this time to show support.

Creativity at work, the key to happiness: A new Israeli study shows that there’s a direct correlation between a person’s happiness and his/her creativity at work.

World news:

Antarctica penguin colony suffers as only 2 new chicks survive: A colony of approximately 18,000 pairs of Adelie penguins had only 2 out of thousands of eggs and chicks survive adverse weather conditions this year. There was less sea ice around Antarctica in recent years but in the eastern region where this colony is situated there was more ice and rain making survival for these chicks nearly impossible. This phenomenon happened previously in 2013.

Newt Gingrich defends Trump’s rescinding the Iran Deal: ‘When Iran says ‘Death to America’ or Hamas says “not a single Jew will remain” in Israel that’s exactly what they mean’: Newt Gingrich says that we don’t need to reinterpret their words to mean anything less. Trump has the courage and vision to rescind the Iran deal and “understands this reality better than many so-called experts.” Renewing sanctions against Iran is the correct step as Trump said on Friday: “History has shown that the longer we ignore a threat, the more dangerous that threat becomes.”

“The UN must change” says Audrey Azoulai from France the new head of UNESCO: Audrey a Jew of Moroccan origin was elected the new head of UNESCO and she made this statement in light of the US and Israel leaving UNESCO.   

Trump ready to deploy missile defense around North Korea to knock out missiles as they are launched. The systems already exist; they are considered to be highly accurate and can be deployed from ships around North Korea according to Fox News. Back-up systems in Hawaii, California and Alaska will catch whatever the ship deployed systems miss. This plan still needs further development including new algorithms for the Aegis missile systems on the destroyers but it is doable. This is all in light of renewed North Korean threats to ‘wipe US cities off the map’ and it is a response to contain the threat without resorting to all-out war. Of course if anything is indeed shot at the states or its territories then North Korea would face all-out war.

California fire death toll reached 40 as tens of thousands of fire-fighters with planes fight a week long battle with fires raging across northern California in 16 different places. The number of deaths is feared to rise as many people are still missing. Strong winds that constantly change directions have made these fires very hard to contain. Over 13,000 people were evacuated from their homes so far and the fire chief said; “we’re not even close to the end of this state of emergency.” Investigations of the cause of the fires point to power lines downed by strong winds.

ISIS retreating from Raqqa as 100 surrender to US led coalition forces but more than 4,000 civilians were still trapped in the city trying to escape. Some were taken captive by ISIS to be used as human shields and it is feared that some may be kept hostage as ISIS evacuates. 


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